Aritaka Nakamura, Japan

Question 1: In what way does your design reflect your character?

I think I am ambitious all the time and passionate about what I like, also I don’t give up till ends. I always bear in my mind to find good things about people and try to respect.  So, in my works, those characteristics are reflected.


Question 2: Which techniques did you use and why? And how much time did the preparations cost?

I express my passion by color, and express my ambition and endurance in flowers consistent flow. Also I tried to find the flowers characteristics and brought out the goodness to arrange them. It took 2 months to prepare.

熱くなる性格を色で表現し、向上心、最後まで諦めず貫き通す性格を一貫した花の流れで表現しました。 人と同じように花に対しても個性を尊重し、良さを引き出すように活けました。準備は2ヶ月かかりました。

Question 3: What does Freedom mean to you in your personal and work live?

Freedom is the source to imagine every possibilities and to pursue better ideas.


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