Neil Whittaker, Great Britain

Question 1: In what way does your design reflect your character?
I have always loved strong colours and structures and over the last 20 years they have become an integral trademark of my design work. The bold lines and multiple textures of this design symbolise my love of colour and structure. Using my favourite wools and felts I have built a transparent framework in which to entwine my favourite flowers in my most-loved colours. The contrast of strong straight lines blended with the soft curves of the flowers is accentuated with multiple textures. These layers represent the many facets of my personality, from my love of order and precision to my luminous, vibrant and carefree nature.

Question 2: Which techniques did you use and why? And how much time did the preparations cost?
The strong line of 100 % Personel design is created with striking lines and bold colours. Using many textures of wools and felts, which are hand wrapped around the framework .Which has taken over 40 hours to prepare.

Question 3: What does Freedom mean to you in your personal and work live?
Freedom is the ability to create without boundaries and to allow your imagination to run wild.

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