Marc Müller

Question 1: In what way does your design reflect your character?
With my work I want give a peek behind my personality. A lot of people say that my appearance is different than my real me. I’m more a reserved person and need a little time to open myself to other people. That’s why my design is behind glass.
I’m interested in living and architechture and at my home everything is white, light and restrained. I want to express my contrasts: striking at the outside and reserved in my inside.
I have a strong shell but a soft core.
The integral trademark of my design ist he butterfly that develops like me doing my work.

Question 2: Which techniques did you use and why? And how much time did the preparations cost?
I have packed a self designed vase, that has a unusual shape and design. The filling will be simple, but dominated by the size and amount of the flowers. The flowers will be sticked in foam thereby they last long and can flower out.
I can’t tell the exact amount of time, I tried and changed a lot till I had it till it suits to me.

Question 3: What does Freedom mean to you in your personal and work live?
Freedom is the best to flower out. To be constricted prohibits the flow of creativity, both in private and professional.

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