Martin Groen, Netherlands

Question 1: In what way does your design reflect your character?
100% personal, for me, is your DNA/brain. This determines who you are, so that is exactly what I’m going to depict. My crib stood in my parents’ bindery, so I basically ‘am’ flowers. I live, work, eat, travel and sleep, surrounding myself with flowers. That is why I chose to make a brainstem of flowers on a subsurface / construction of glass! Naturally, this is done in the Dutch colour orange. The flowers used are: ‘the little brain’; Celosia, with gloriosa, calla and vanda orchids. To symbolise the stimulus in the brain, I used cactuses. It is a lage objects with many small details. The general theme of my assignment is called: “100% personal freedom starts in your brain”

Question 2: Which techniques did you use and why? And how much time did the preparations cost?
My technique basically was: pinch, wind, and on water tubes! Making the brain cost me about 150 hours.

Question 3: What does Freedom mean to you in your personal and work live?
Freedom starts with yourself and in your own thoughts. It means a great deal to me to be able to work with the most beautiful products in the world, every single day. That, and the emotions that come with it, is freedom to me.

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