Tanus Saab, Brazil

Question 1: In what way does your design reflect your character?
My design represents me, I devote myself to everything I do.There is a poetry by Fernando Pessoa that I like and would like to share with you:
«To be great, be whole: Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. Be whole in everything. Put all you are Into the smallest thing you do.
I want to show in my work the polarity that exists in me, my uniqueness and facets, such as simplicity and strength, tranquility and movement.

Question 2: Which techniques did you use and why? And how much time did the preparations cost?
The preparation took a long time, was a major investment, with intent and intensity. It took me a long time to define the technique because I wanted to use materials from Brazil and Germany, and again show facets, different textures, different ways to express them with flowers.

Question 3: What does Freedom mean to you in your personal and work live?
Freedom is trusting, it is having discipline to achieve a dream. It is taking risks.

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