New My-Blush season starting during exhibition in Palace Het Loo

My-Blush is the platform for exclusive niche products, especially shrubs, in the floral industry. My-Blush focuses on flowers that are special, including blossoms that can be extra special for a moment, with Spring flowers that give Spring extra color and now the Fall season is coming in with shrubs and berries that enhance the feeling of Autumn.

To introduce this new My-Blush season, a selection of products can be admired this month in Palace Het Loo.

Museum Palace Het Loo organizes this after Summer season the ‘September Garden month’, in which the palace gardens are the scene for a variety of activities every day with an attractive program. In the theme ‘A garden to eat’, the flowers in the various beautiful rooms of Palace Het Loo have been styled in a historical royal way by the florists of the palace.



Shrubs are hard to grow products. Most species need at least four years to grow while normal cut flowers are ripe at least once a year. This makes shrubs more difficult in availability and that makes them exclusive. For many companies, the shrubs were not found interesting enough because of the limited amount in pieces and the huge amount in different types. My-Blush aims to grow as a platform for growers of niche products in shrubs and blossoms with a wide range of small products that inspire florists and designers and convey this experience to the consumer so that they can enjoy blushing berries and blooming blossoms. Currently there are rosehip, Viburnum berries, purple Callicarpa. Symphonycarpus in pink and white and Physalis in various lengths but also Nerine, Sandersonia, Persicaria and Artemisia available.

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The My-Blush range includes more than 100 kinds of blossoms and shrubs year round! For questions about products available through My-Blush, you can contact

A visit to the inspirational website is a first acquaintance of the experience My-Blush realizes with the assortment.


Palace Het Loo

Flowers and plants have always been important in the history of Palace Het Loo. The first inhabitants, King William III and his wife Mary Stuart, gathered enthusiastic Delft pottery, paintings, birds and exotic plants and flowers. The palace then was used by the successors, kings and queens as hunting lodge and Summer residence. Queen Wilhelmina considered Het Loo as her favorite palace. After retiring in 1948, the old queen retired on Het Loo and passed away on November 28, 1962.

Princess Margriet and Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven, together with their four sons, were the last inhabitants of the palace. Since 1984, Palace Het Loo has been opened as a museum. In the museum, visitors discover the world of the Dutch royal family in the last centuries.

Royal flower arrangements

The beautiful bouquets in the palace are styled with care and love in the ‘Flower Room’ by the florists of the palace. In addition to flowers from the own garden, the nursery and greens from the crown domain, flowers were provided to the ‘Flower Room’ by LM Flower Fashion through My-Blush. In the month of September, visitors can watch the art of ‘royal flower arrangements’ by the palace florists on every September Thursday from 12.00 to 17.00.

For the children

In the children’s studio in the palace stables children make acquaintance with royal professions. As with gardener Roos, who grows all kinds of special plants. Children can style royal flower bouquets themselves or design a vegetable garden.

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