Peony season of My-Peony starts blooming brand in a unique assortment of peonies

My-Peony, the brand that stands for a unique assortment of high quality peony breeders, started the season blooming. During a meeting with the peony growers the experience around the peony was explained. ‘Moments that matter, emotions can not be expressed in words’, My-Peony growers see the beauty of these values and together they want to give color with flowers, the color of peonies!
Through the My-Peony platform the best peony growers from the Netherlands and among others from France and Italy offers their full range. My-Peony delivers a fantastic range of peonies every day on the highest level. In addition, My-Peony is constantly looking for improvements. With innovative types of innovative cooling techniques and a huge dose of passion My-Peony strives to be a source of inspiration for florist, designers and buyers worldwide.
During the Summer Flower Show at Keukenhof peony Command Performance by My-Peony was awarded by the public as most beautiful flower!

Прекрасные 5 дней в Мальте

С 10 по 15 мая в Мальте состоялся красивый проект известного флориста-дизайнера Араика Галстяна. Организовали мероприятие компания «The Malta horticultural society». Это был первый визит Мастера в Мальту, где его ожидали добрые и гостеприимные люди. В течении этих дней и Араика Галстяна были демонстрации и мастер класс: демонстрация в зале Suncrest hotel, выставка работ в саду Сан Антон,  оформление русской часовни.   15 -ого мая утром был показ в саду Сан Антон, а вечером  Tоржественная церемония награждения участников проекта, где присутствовал президент Мальты Мари Луиз Колейро Прека. Все прошло в теплой и прекрасной атмосфере. Везде гости и участники восхищались талантам известного флориста. Президент Мальты наградил Араик Галстяна почетным дипломом.

Flowers during Vogue Living launch in Milan and Amsterdam first Dutch Vogue Living launched

The very first Vogue Living in the Netherlands has launched international. With a Vogue Flower Market in the fashionable Corso Como café in Milan during the interior and design fair Salone del Mobile the first Vogue Living was unveiled.
In the Netherlands, the Vogue Living launch was celebrated with press and invited guests during a Vogue Housewarming. Outside guest heard the tunes of the DJ already and once inside they were welcomed by flowers in Vogue’s Flower Shop. On Wednesday, April 20th, Vogue opened a Pop-Up Flower Shop for one day in X Bank in Amsterdam.
The flowers for the festive occasions in Milan and Amsterdam were selected by LM Flower Fashion in collaboration with Vogue. The ‘Vogue roses’ by Meijer Roses, a selection of flowers by Marginpar, Magnolia blossom of My-Blush, Hydrangeas by Vollering, peonies by My-Peony, chrysanthemums of Zentoo, Cymbidium by HVS Orchid, Phalaenopsis plants of Sion, Vanda plants by Anco pure Vanda and green plants by Vireo Plants were styled during the launch in Milan and Amsterdam.

Vogue Living
«Personal interiors with a fashion feel. Because that is Vogue and that is what we want to show you, never fashion and living were retracted so close together,»said Karin Swerink, editor in chief of Vogue Living. The magazine features the New York apartment of supermodel Helena Christensen, the Paris dream home of Rosemary White and James Bond house of Nekkele Strings in Amsterdam. And many inspiring pages to keep, for you never know. This combined with beautiful interviews and private moments at home. Bella Hay in bath, at home with Nikkie Plessen, Jasper Krabbe in his studio and Sergio Herman in his Belgium home in Knokke. And of course all the latest interior and shopping trends are featured in Vogue Living, composed a new wardrobe.
Altogether Vogue Living is wonderful inspiration!

‘Vogue roses’
«Flowers play a large role in my life. They brighten up literally every moment and every event. The Vogue parties are also popular for its many fragrant roses, aka Vogue roses. I want the biggest, most beautiful and fragrant roses that can be found in the country. We can not have an occasion without the roses collection of Meijer Roses», the inspiring words of Karin Swerink on a page in Vogue Living filled with images of the ‘Vogue roses’ Meijer Roses.
During the launch of Vogue Netherlands in March 2012 the Meijer Roses Avalanche collection was selected and styled by LM Flower Fashion as a fashionable rose that formed the ‘Vogue’ letters, blooming with roses on the canal in Amsterdam. This has become an iconic image. Meijer Roses is the modern rose nursery that is specialized in the growing of the large-flowered rose and bred successfully the white Avalanche, the soft pink Sweet Avalanche and champagne-colored Pearl Avalanche. The combination of these three most beautiful Avalanche roses were in Vogue in recent years occasions. The ‘Vogue roses’ were styled as a symbol of the Romantic Revolution campaign, photo shoots, Vogue Queens Ball, the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out editions and now during the launch of Vogue Living.

In this edition of Vogue Living the Meijer ‘Vogue’ Roses are featured and LM Flower Fashion together with Vogue also selected Vanique No.3 gift box of Anco pure Vanda, Phalaenopsis Top Model Collection of Sion and the book Visionary Floral Art and Design’ by flower rockstar Jeff Leatham.

Vogue Flower Shop
The very first Vogue Living in the Netherlands has launched international. With a Vogue Flower Market in the fashionable Corso Como café in Milan during interior and design fair Salone del Mobile the first Vogue Living was unveiled. Inspiring people behind the Italian fashion houses Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna but also Vogue Italia and Vogue Australia were surprised with Dutch flowers.
In the Netherlands, the Vogue Living launch was celebrated with the press and invitees at a Vogue Housewarming in the showroom of EginStill. Outside guests heard the tunes of DJ Sunny already and once inside they were welcomed in Vogue’s Flower Shop. With this colorful Spring season scene in the background the Vogue Living interior was loved by everyone, even well known Dutch interior designer Jan des Bouvrie: «This is now how to receive people: with a white space full of colorful flowers». In the middle of the room there was a huge table was styled for lunch that afternoon in
intimate companionship, as it were a table at a wedding, decorated with flowers.
On Wednesday, April 20, Vogue opened a one day Vogue Pop-Up Flower Shop at design store X Bank in Amsterdam. When customers were buying a Vogue Living they recieved a bunch of flowers ‘wrapped in custom made vogue paper’ as a gift! A huge success with moments when there was a row of Vogue fans in front of the store.
The flowers for the festive occasions for Vogue Living in Milan and Amsterdam were selected by LM Flower Fashion in collaboration with Vogue. The ‘Vogue roses’ by Meijer Roses, a selection of flowers by Marginpar, Magnolia blossom of My-Blush, Hydrangea by Vollering, peonies by My-Peony, chrysanthemums of Zentoo, Cymbidium by HVS Orchids, Phalaenopsis plants of Sion and Vanda plants by Anco pure Vanda were styled for the launch in Milan and Amsterdam. For the Vogue Housewarming in Amsterdam green ‘Green is All’ plants by Vireo Plants were styled.

Anco pure Vanda introduces new Vanda orchid varieties new flowers in the Vanda collection

Anco pure Vanda proudly introduces a number of new varieties of Vanda orchids in their collection. The colorful collection of exotic flowers is enhanced with Vanda Sunanda Chestnut Spots, Vanda Sunanda Yellow Henna, Vanda Sunanda Magenta Glitter, Vanda Nitaya Rosy, Vanda Nitaya Plum Gorgeous, Vanda Nitaya Tweed Blue Vanda Vanda Sunanda Tayanee Maxi Blue and Sandy Spots.

New varieties
Anco pure Vanda introduces a number of new Vanda varieties in theircollection! Vanda flowers ‘Sunanda’ are characterized by flowers with a pattern of many dots. New to the range are the red Vanda Sunanda Sunanda Chestnut lighting, the light yellow Vanda Sunanda Yellow Henna, the bright pink Vanda Sunanda Magenta Glitter and the brass color Vanda Sunanda Sandy Spots.
The ‘Nitaya’ Vanda flowers are characterized by monochrome Vanda flowers.  Added to the Nitaya collection are the pink Vanda Nitaya Rosy, the purple Vanda Nitaya Plum Gorgeous and blue Vanda Nitaya Tweed Blue. The ‘Tayanee’ Vanda flowers are known of its compact smaller Vanda flowers. The new blue Vanda Tayanee Maxi Blue has the characteristic smaller Vanda flowers but on a large branch with many flowers.

Vanda Orchid
One of the most special orchid genera is the Vanda. It is an almost mystical orchid, one who lives in the air and has, among other flowers in a color that is substantially not present in the nature, blue. Vanda originates on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and in the area from India to southern China. The orchids grow high in the trees of the forest. With its long roots the plants put themselves stuck in trees, the roots are feed on morning dew and rain.
In the Netherlands the plants and flowers are grown successfully by Anco pure Vanda. Their Vanda orchid collection is available worldwide in a wide variety of species. Color, flower and plant shape differences within the various species, that makes the Vanda so attractive. For everyone is a variety of Vanda to find that suits his or her home.

At the end of 2015 Anco pure Vanda introduced VANIQUE® no.3, a unique gift box consisting of three exclusive Vanda flowers in a luxurious package. By providing a specially designed tag the wrapper of the gift box is available with a logo with text applicable in corporate identity. An elegant gift that exudes beauty as attractive accessory in every interior.
VANIQUE® no.3 will also be available featuring the latest Vanda flowers.

Наш студент в Europe Cup 2016


В этом году Руслан Валиев Студент Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School участвует в Europe Cup 2016. Он является участником Армении.

Вот некоторые биографические детали о Руслане.

Родился в 1985 году, Таджикистане.


2002-2008 химико-технологический институт имени Кирова в Казани

2009-2012 Казанский государственный университет имени В. И. Ленина. Диплом: адвокат

2014-2016 Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School (мастера: Араик Галстян, Моник Ванден Берге, Элли Лин, Даниэль Сантамария, Стефан Ван Берло, Жил Бояр, Стейн Симайс, Тимо Болт, Мариос Валианос, Ижан Берг). Диплом: Мастер флорист.

Опыт работы

2009-2014 «Floral Design & Event decoration» салон в Ереване,

2014- Флорист в журнале ЦВЕТЫ World

2015-открытие филиала Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School в Казани

2015 — Открытие Руслан Валиев Floral Design House (премиум-класс) в Казани

2015- Организатор Miss Fashion Flowers Kazan & Christmas World Premium by Araik Galstyan

2015 ассистент Араик Галстяна в разных странах.


International Central Asia Flower Cup Issyk — Kul 2015- 5 место

2015 Taipei International flower design awards -7 место


Мы поддерживаем его и желаем удачи!


Цветы жизни

Самое ценное в жизни это непрерывная связь поколений. Нет ничего приятнее, чем смотреть на счастливые детские улыбки и на гордых за своих детей прекрасных мам. А когда это все еще и в обрамлении самых красивых созданий природы – цветов, то сдержать вздох восхищения просто невозможно. Мы специально собрали на наших страницах эти счастливые семьи, чтобы показать сколько радостного настроения, светлых и искренних чувств, чистых и неподдельных эмоций приносят людям цветы и дети. Ведь это самое главное в нашей жизни. Ради них мы сами существуем, чтобы заботится о наших «цветах», о наших детях. Каждая мать хочет для своего ребенка самого лучшего: чтобы у него в жизни все удавалось, чтобы сбывались все мечты и он мог достичь всего чего сам захочет. А нам, взрослым, только и остается создать для них подходящие условия для роста. Ни в коем случае не тепличные, чтобы наши дети достойно пережили встречу с жизненными невзгодами, которые как ни крути, бывают в жизни каждого, вынесли из этих встреч необходимые уроки и стали властелинами своей судьбы.


Подготовить эту праздничную фотосессию помогли студенты.



В Берлине закончился FLEUROP-INTERFLORA WORLD CUP 2015 – всемирный конкурс флористов и одно из главных событий международной флористики. Для организатора конкурса – крупнейшей в мире компании по доставке цветов и подарков FLEUROP-INTERFLORA-FTD – этот год стал знаменательным, поскольку впервые за последние 33 года конкурс прошел на родине компании, в Берлине – городе с особой атмосферой, местом паломничества творческих людей со всех концов света. Именно здесь в 1908 году цветочник Макс Хюбнер решил для дистанционных заказов использовать телеграф, поручая выполнение заказов цветочникам в других городах, тем самым основав компанию FLEUROP-INTERFLORA-FTD.

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Торжество природы

Как только человек оставляет свои творенья без присмотра, природа как живой организм старается затянуть следы его присутствия «новой кожей». И вот уже нет и намека на то что тут была проложена дорога, а аллеи посаженных деревьев видно только если посчастливится найти нужны ракурс. Все подчиняется дикой и естественной красоте живой природы создающей каждый день неповторимый торжествующий хаос.

Профессиональное международное издание о стиле жизни и тенденциях моды во флористике.